Why You Need Whitby Landscaping & Stump Removal Services

Posted on October 8, 2016 in Home Maintenance

whitby home after receiving professional landscaping services

Improving the look of your home via landscaping is a great thing to do to both boost your enjoyment of your home as well as your property value. There are quite a number of tasks involved in both the design of your landscape and also the execution of the landscaping. Attempting to DIY landscaping can be a difficult and laborious process, as a Whitby landscaping contractor explained to us, they often visit jobs that have been botched by poor landscape design and planning caused by over-ambitious home owners.

Designing Your Landscape

Having the right look for your landscape is not as simple as heading to your nearby Home Depot and buying some pavers, grass, and plants. You’ll need to consider your home and it’s property as a canvas and the landscape design as the artwork that goes on that canvas. This means each and every element needs to relate, combing to tell a story on the whole. Selecting the right pavers, step stones, edging, fencing, and mulch and landscape rocks is all very important. Hiring a professional who has experience utilizing these elements to construct a beautiful landscape is critical to it’s overall success.

Consider Tree Stumps

Trees and particularly tree stumps can be a major hindrance to your landscape design. Hire an arborist to prune back the tree and make sure you hire a competent stump removal company to tame the rest. Removing a tree and stump is definitely not a job you should consider doing yourself, the skills and equipment of a professional contractor are mandatory here.

Handling the Labour

Equally as important as design is carrying out the labour of executing it. Make no mistake, landscaping can be a very labour intensive project. There are many heavy items to carry and place into perfect position to get just the right look and doing so often requires the use of heavy-machinery to get the job done in a timely and safe manner. Hiring a professional Whitby landscaping contractor to carry out the work is in your best interest – the job will be completed much quicker, safely, and you’ll have an amazing looking property at the end of it.

Improving the look of your landscape is on the top of many Whitby area residents’ priorities, and it’s a great way to make your home a nicer and more enjoyable place. Make sure when it comes time for you to carry out your landscaping project you seriously consider letting professionals handle the task for you.

Find The Right Commercial Window Cleaning Company

Posted on October 7, 2016 in Business

Arguably the most important part of your business is how it is presented; the clothes you wear, how you answer the phone, and especially how your place of business looks. One of the best ways you can improve the look of your business is to keep your windows sparkling clean. We contacted Toronto area NICK’S Window Cleaning to discuss the most important considerations when hiring a commercial window cleaning company.

commercial window cleaners hanging off the side of a building on swing stages cleaning the windows


It’s no surprise that the first topic brought up was how much experience the window cleaners have. You don’t want to hire a new operation that is one-guy with a dream and no actual experience, you might as well get an employee or simply DIY your window cleaning if this is your approach. Always hire a company that has some demonstrable experience in performing commercial window cleaning services, it’s even better if they have references to attest to their experience.


Beyond experience you want to make sure that they can handle your entire property – if you have a 4 story building check that they have the appropriate equipment to be able to reach every window. The right window cleaning equipment makes all the difference when it comes to leaving spotless windows, so additionally ensure that the workers are not going to make a mess and will leave a good finish.

Customer Service

It might not the most obvious, as many people assume good customer service but it’s important to make sure that you have a solid working relationship with your window cleaner. This is even more so the case if you intend on having them clean the interior of your windows as they’ll be inside of your place of business and potentially seen by your clients. It’s better to take a few extra moments to ensure you can communicate well with the window cleaners before you find out the hard way that there is a problem in this area.


What’s The Problem with Basement Flooding in Etobicoke?

Posted on October 6, 2016 in Home Maintenance

If there is one thing plumbers in the Toronto area are used to it would have to be dealing with flooded Etobicoke basements. Etobicoke is one area notorious for these problems, being so close to Lake Ontario it has a very high water table making it difficult to correctly waterproof the basements of buildings. There has been many occasions when a storm has swept in and caused massive amounts of flooding – especially so during the summer months when rainfall can be quite excessive. We spoke with a reputable Toronto plumber (check out their website) about some ways that Etobicoke residents can keep their basements dry.

foundation of etobicoke home in the process of being waterproofed, with weeping tile visible

Weeping Tile System

One very important part of any home is the weeping tile system, this is a series of special pipes which are buried under ground adjacent to a properties foundation. The pipes typically have holes in them or a mesh-like structure allowing for water to seep inside of them. When it rains and the water table rises these pipes allow that catches rain water next to the foundation of a property and diverts it away and to a more desirable area. It is typically connected to a sump pit which leads us to the next item you’ll want to discuss with your local Etobicoke plumbing contractor.

Sump Pump

A sump pump, residing with a sump pit at the very bottom of your property, is your own personal backup system that activates when water begins to threaten flooding your basement. The setup is simple enough, a plastic container is placed in the bottom of your basement and a special pump is installed within it. The weeping tile system connects to the sump pit and when the water reaches a certain level the sump pump is automatically activated.

Hire Professionals

Having a properly setup sump pump is vital to keeping your basement dry during the well-known Etobicoke wet season. Basement flooding is a problem which causes hundreds of thousands of dollars in property damage every year, not to mentioned the loss of sentimental possessions which many people would consider priceless.  Hiring plumbers in Etobicoke who understands the ins-and-outs of correctly planning and installing a sump pump, weeping tile system, and backwater valve is a very important part of protecting your home.